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The purpose of GSPT Webinars is to help attorneys keep up with changes in the law, understand and utilize the POMs, and stay up-to-date with the latest information when counseling their clients. This group is not specific to pooled trusts but is intended to provide participants with access to top notch education to assist them in their practices on a broad spectrum of subjects.
Webinars are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 11:30am –1:00pm. MCLE credit is also available at no charge for California attorneys and fiduciaries by downloading the form below and returning to  All presentations are recorded. Links are provided in the Recordings section below.


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The Lanterman Act (Part Two)
Advocacy and Supports

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Recordings from GSPT Study Group

KTLP 1 Intro to Lanterman Act and the IPP

Perspectives on AB 133: changes in Medi-Cal’s resource limit

Private Fiduciary Best Practices with guest speaker Meredith Taylor | VP of PFAC, & Principal Fiduciary at IMT Associates

Unique Issues for Special Needs Trusts in California and CalABLE

What the Social Security Administration Considers When Evaluating Whether a Trust is a Resource: Francesco Benavides

Maximizing Social Security Benefits for Special Needs Families
with Avram Sacks

Housing Rights with Families with Special Needs Children

Accessing Public Benefits, a National Perspective, with Attorney Steve Dale

Affordable Housing Overview
with Tom Heinz

Working from Home with Mr. Robert Nuddleman, Esq.

Paying Right! Common Wage and Hour Pitfalls with Robert Nuddleman

Medicare Set-Asides with Joe Anderson

Practical Tips on Protecting Benefits and Trust in order to Maximize Settlements with Melissa Baldwin and Stephen W. Dale

The $60,000 Dilemma – Alternatives Before Establishing a 1st Party Trust with Stephen W. Dale

How to Incorporate Case Management in a Special Needs Trust 
Part 1:  Introduction to the Life Planning Passage Project with a focus on Integrated Community Services Serving Marin County with Irene Klein and Stephen W. Dale (Introduction - Part 1
Part 2:  Creating a Special Needs Trust that Adjusts to Changing Circumstances with Stephen W. Dale (Creating a SNT - Part 2)
Part 3:  Introduction to the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) with Rebecca Pauls (PLAN Network - Part 3)

Housing Issues for Beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts with Stephen W. Dale

Unique Issues for Special Needs Trust in California and CalABLE with Stephen W. Dale and guest presenter, Dante Allen, CalABLE Executive Director on April 16

Complexities of Employment Law with Rachel Green

Overview of Disability Access Law with Celia McGuiness, Esq.

Student and Family Rights under the IDEA and Section 504 with Cheryl Theis from DREDF

How to Get Insurance Coverage for those with Mental Health and Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatments with Karen Fessel

Tax Wise Planning / Funding Special Needs Trusts with IRAs with Stephen W. Dale

Review of the Revised Special Needs Trust POMS with Ken Brown

Introduction and Implementation of Supported Decision Making with Clarissa Kripke, MD and Patricia Mejia, UCSF Office of Primary Care

How to Optimize the Benefits of the ABLE Act with Special Needs Trusts with Stephen Dale: ABLE ACT

How to Better Service Beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts by Partnering with Existing Community Organizations – with guest speakers from East Bay Innovations, Christine Grabowski and Tom Heinz: LIFE PLANNING PASSAGE PROJECT

How to Help Claimants in Insurance Settlements Protect and Preserve Their Public Benefits – with guest speaker Joe Anderson from Medivest: MSP Compliance

The Basics of Regional Centers and Individual Performance Plans (IPPS) with Jim Huyck