The Golden State Pooled Trust's partners

True Link Financial Advisors, LLC

True Link Financial Advisors, LLC serves as the investment manager for the Golden State Pooled Trust. True Link’s investment management solutions align a prudential approach to investment and capital management with the underlying goals and objectives of the trust. True Link acts as stewards of the trust assets, providing guidance and support to GSPT.


Medivest provides Medicare set-aside administration for the Golden State Pooled Trust.

TEAM Risk Management Strategies

The Golden State Pooled Trust uses Trust Employee Administration and Management (TEAM), a division of Risk Management Strategies, Inc. (RMS), to assume the role of employer of record for caregivers paid through trust disbursements. As the employer, TEAM processes federal and state payroll tax reporting and deposit requirements necessary as required by law. Additionally, TEAM administers and coordinates payments of worker’s compensation for each employee. RMS is the W-2 employer and is responsible for the tax reporting liability, claims management, and all employer liability associated with employees providing services on behalf of the trust.

Care managers and advisors

The Golden State Pooled Trust works with care managers, advisors, and service providers across California to ensure that beneficiaries receive the best support possible. These partners provide critical information about beneficiary needs and collaborate with GSPT to ensure that needs are met.